Corporate Social Responsibility
Summit Power Limited patronizes a number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as well as carries out social and humanitarian activities on its own as a part of their social responsibility projects.
Small-scale social programs are normally conducted on a regular basis to help the underprivileged people of project neighborhoods and other areas. The focuses of these projects are intended to support people in regards to education, disaster, livelihood, communication improvement, health etc. 
Over the last 11 years to promote an active life amongst the underprivileged, Summit Group has been organizing a golf tournament for them. By organizing the Professional-Amateur golf tournaments, Summit Group has provided a platform for the underprivileged golfers to enhance their skills and expose their talents at national and international levels.
The NGOs and government organizations that receive the support of Summit Group are:

  1. Friendship
  2. SEID Trust
  3. Siraj Khaleda Memorial Hospital in Dhaka Cantonment
  4. Others


SEID Trust:

SEID Trust is a non-governmental voluntary development organization working for social inclusion and promoting rights of underprivileged children with disabilities including intellectual and multiple disabilities as well as autism since 2003.
To protect the human rights of such people and increase participation at all levels as well as to boost social inclusion and commitment towards them, Summit Power Limited has provided financial assistance to 20 underprivileged children for running SEID Trust Community Therapy Canters at Shyamoli in 2009. From 2010, Summit is also providing support to run the SEID Trust Community Therapy Centre at Kamrangir Char.
Increasing number of underprivileged children with intellectual and multiple disabilities are getting support in terms of pre-primary and special education, education materials, physiotherapy and speech therapy, counseling and medical services, sports and cultural activities and lastly food and transport facilities.


Friendship is a value-based organization founded in Bangladesh in 1998, which identifies and reaches the poorest of the poor and the most marginalized communities. The Friendship Summit Energy Project (FSEP) under this entity was launched on 1 November 2009, at Gaibandha. Friendship has started implementing the project to provide the char people of Gaibandha access to solar electricity.
The project intends to bring about positive changes among the livelihoods of the target population through smoothening of income generating activities and improved access to other basic needs. Since the last week of November, 2009 till end of the October, 2010 FSEP has been supplying 3.27 Kilowatts electricity among the beneficiaries & Vocational Training Center. These areas are completely off grid area from conventional electricity supplies. During the above period; FSEP has provided 82 Solar Home System (SHS) installations according to beneficiaries’ requirement at Pagla, Sannasi, Sidhai & Batikamari Char villages & three Vocational Training Centers. Regular sessions were conducted with existing beneficiaries for proper operation of SHS to maintain this system and to ensure the sustainability of the project.


Siraj Khaleda Memorial Hospital in Dhaka Cantonment:
To provide health care, educational support and social rehabilitation of distressed underprivileged people Summit is also continuously supporting Siraj-Khaleda Trust.   
The trust is responsible to construct a 200-bed civil hospital at a cost of TK 12 (Twelve) crore in two phases on the land provided by Cantonment board. A provision of expansion up to 300 beds is also considered. After completion of the hospital it will be handed over to the Cantonment board for the following benefits to the patients –

  1. At least 50%of the out-patients and 25% of the in-patients of the hospital will be from amongst the poorest of the society living in and around cantonment area. All of them will receive medical treatment either free or at a subsidized rate.
  2. All civil members and families of the Military Lands and Cantonment Directorate, Military Estates Offices and cantonments boards will get treatment in the hospital. Moreover all civil population of Dhaka cantonment area will get the outdoor treatment in the hospital.
  3. All employees of the operator and families of the retired servicemen not authorized medical treatment in CMH.
  4. Others as may be decided by the management committee


Summit Power Limited is also involved with the ProthomAlo Trust Board. This trust is involved in many social activities like sponsoring books to community schools & colleges and plantation programs for the people of the community.

We have been continuing our financial support to the meritorious students of the underprivileged community. Your company also supportsthe development of higher studies as well by sponsoring different events at the University of Dhaka.

Your companyunderstandsits responsibility to reduce the gender inequality and continues to support related bodies through different means.KarmojibiNari (KN) is one of such organization. Summit Power Limited gives donations to the Acid Survivor's Foundation that supports survivors of brutal attacks. The ultimate goal of the organization is to eliminate acid violence in Bangladesh.

Summit believes in the eagerness, strength and compassion amongst the youth and aims to boost up the spirit within the Bangladeshi youth. To inspire them, we support and sponsor North Alpine Club Bangladesh – NACB.

Your company also participated in sponsorship of different events, like - Daily Star Leadership Colloquium on 'New Technology & Alternative Energy', Meet Bangladesh—Asia's Next Big Opportunity, AshoktiPunorbshonNibash (APON), Jatiya Press Club Picnic, Zonta Club of Dhaka Charity Work.

On environmental issues, your Company gives high priority to protecting the environment and our humble efforts in this regard include extensive number of sapling plantation in the Company's power plants and neighboring places. Our state-of-the art power plants comply with the requirements of relevant environmental regulatory bodies. Thus these plants emit relatively less pollutants to the environment. Moreover, your company has already taken initiatives for ISO14001: 2004 – Environmental Management System (EMS) implementation and certification, which is expected to be completed by next year.